Who is Olive?

Olive is our 1974 Leyland Mini. She has had a long and adventurous life having originally come from South Africa. We are Olive’s third family and fourth owners. This is her story:

Our mini belonged to an eighty year old woman named Olive in South Africa for  forty years. Olive and the mini were seen around town quite a bit until one day the neighbours realised Olive and the mini hadn’t been out for a while.

When the neighbour’s saw Olive’s son come to visit they asked about Olive and the mini. The son said that the mini was going to be sold as Olive, at eighty, wasn’t able to continue driving her. The neighbours had become quite attached to the mini and decided to buy her, and named her Olive after her first owner.

Roll on a few years and Olive’s new owners decided to move to Australia and brought her with them. Olive was a big part of their family, especially for their little girl, but circumstances change and Olive had to find  a new home.

Our teenage son bought Olive. Brought up with a revolving door of older cars he was excited about buying something classic. At six foot something it was a bit of a squeeze but they turned heads around town. When he realised that he really needed a bigger car for his work we couldn’t let Olive leave the family. So here she is, with us, and still enjoying a life of adventure…


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