Zam Zam

This is well known by Singapore locals and is the best establishment to experience Murtabak. This Indian Halal restaurant must have it working for them because they have been in operation since 1908. They are located on the corner of Northbridge Rd and Muscat Rd opposite the beautiful Sultan Mosque.

The food is sensational and the two meals that we enjoyed on our last trip to Singapore included both chicken and beef Murtabak and Nasi Goreng. Murtabak is best described as a stuffed pancake that is cooked on a hot steel plate served with a spicy sauce. Watching the creation come to life is almost as exciting as eating one. The cooks are not shy and with a little encouragement, usually in the form of filming on your phone, they will add a little flamboyance in the preparation.

If possible sit on the street-side tables and take in the full Zam Zam experience. The “Hello Zam Zam sir” and “Zam Zam Alcazam” chants of the the waiters drumming up business out the front adds to the traditional feel of this restaurant. Drive through, drive by crazy Singapore street styled take away service is also something to see. Cars with Zam Zam VIP windscreen stickers line up blocking the lane to pick up pre- ordered meals. Frenzied calls over two way radios give the passer by the idea that it may be a little illegal. But hey its Singapore, just pay the fine and go again.

Also check the call to prayer times for the Sultan Mosque, the beautiful call adds even more to the great atmosphere.

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