So many desserts, so little time.

So even after all the food we ate in the hawker centres in Singapore we always made sure we had room for dessert. In the hot weather of Singapore shaved ice desserts are popular. At Lau Pa Sat we indulged in Mango Milk with Ice – chunks of mango served over shaved ice and liberally doused in evaporated milk, and also Mango Milk with Sago – which had the added edition of bright red and green sago on top. The ice is lovely and cooling and mixed with the milk it is quite creamy.

Honeymoon Desserts in Bugis also became a firm favourite and we managed to sample quite a few treats before our holiday was over. Mango Pomelo Soup is a yummy concoction of mango chunks, evaporated milk, mango juice, sago and pomelo – a citrus fruit that has a slightly bitter tangy flavour. Thai Black Glutinous Rice with Mango in Vanilla Sauce had chunks of fresh mango on black sticky rice and vanilla sauce over shaved ice. Mango Sticky Rice Parfait had the works – sago, sticky rice, mango, vanilla sauce it was the dessert with the lot! The last yummy treat was an accident – Floyd was supposed to order Mango Pancake – ( a firm favourite at home in Australia) instead I ended up with Banana Pancake. Still delicious, a thin pancake wrapped around fresh banana and cream.


all the goodness

My absolute favourite dessert was served from an ice cream cart on the Queen Elizabeth Walk near the Anderson Bridge. The ice cream man cuts you a piece of ice cream off a rectangle block and hands it to you between two wafer biscuits for approx A$1. For an extra 20 cents you can get your ice cream wrapped in a slice of rainbow coloured bread. There are lots of ice cream flavours to choose from. Unsurprisingly perhaps I chose mango, Floyd chose the red bean and both were really yummy. You could also try durian, green tea, chocolate, yam and a number of other flavours.

ice cream sandwich

So what is your favourite dessert in Singapore?







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